Welche Vergrößerung benötige ich?

What magnification do I need?

Which lens is right for me?

The choice of lens is basically based on the intended use.

A 3 dpt lens is very versatile. At this magnification, you get a largely undistorted image across the entire lens. In addition, the high focal length allows a larger field of view and thus an increased scope of use. Lenses with 3 dpt are ideal as reading aids. Especially when reading, the undistorted view over the entire lens is useful.

For viewing or editing small objects, the 5 dpt lens can be very useful. However, the distance between the object and the lens can now be a maximum of 20 cm.

8 dpt lenses are used exclusively for very detailed viewing. Clips of tiny parts are magnified very much. The distance between the lens and the object is now only a maximum of 12 cm.

Our tip: Always opt for the smallest possible lens in your case!
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